Bindon Hill Hillfort

Bindon Hill Hillfort
Description and Information

Bindon Hill is a Hillfort/promontory fort in Dorset. The linear defensive earthwork follows the crest of an E-W ridge for nearly 2.5km, isolating about 1.6 square kilometres of coastal shelf from the mainland.

The western boundary is defined by Lulworth Cove and a cross bank across the western end of the ridge at Grid Ref. SY826801. The eastern end of the earthwork terminates at the steep cliffs of Mupe Bay (SY847802). There is a single in-turned entrance through the bank and ditch at grid ref SY830802. The western cross bank was never finished and, like the unfinished hillfort at Ladle Hill in Hampshire, it provides evidence of Iron Age builders’ construction methods.

Lulworth Cove would have been an important harbour for early Iron Age settlers/invaders arriving from the continent, and it is suggested that the defensive earthworks of Bindon Hill were a hurried beach-head fortification to secure control of the cove.

Access: There is a large pay and display car park next to Lulworth Cove heritage centre, and Bindon Hill can be climbed via footpaths from the cove. It is vitally important to note that Bindon Hill is part of the MOD’s Lulworth Range and the public have no right of access when firing is taking place. When the range walks are open you must keep to the marked paths because they are the only places guaranteed to be cleared of explosives!

Check the Defence Website for details of opening times.

Bindon Hill Hillfort - Location
Lulworth Range Walks, West Lulworth, BH20 5SH
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