Dorset Museum Secures Vital Funding for Future Growth

The Dorset Museum & Art Gallery has recently been awarded a substantial grant of £250,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This generous funding, made possible by National Lottery players, is set to significantly enhance the museum’s operations across several key areas.

The grant will provide crucial support for marketing and public relations, enabling the museum to effectively promote its exhibitions, events, and educational programs to a broader audience. This will ensure increased visibility and engagement, driving visitor growth and fostering a deeper connection with the community.

The funding will also be used to diversify the museum’s retail operations. By investing in a targeted approach to merchandising and stock selection, the museum aims to increase secondary income and build stronger connections between shop products and the collections and temporary exhibitions.

Staff retention is another critical area that will benefit from this funding. The grant will be instrumental in implementing comprehensive training and development programs for employees across all aspects of the organisation, fostering a supportive work environment and enhancing professional growth.

Lastly, the grant will assist in the development of a new strategy that informs a governance review, providing direction in decision-making and organisational management for the long term.

This financial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund signifies a tremendous boost for the Dorset Museum & Art Gallery, enabling it to focus on long-term resilience amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis, Brexit, and the war in Ukraine.

The Dorset Museum & Art Gallery is the only museum in Dorset that tells the story of the county in its entirety, showing the relationship between the land and its inhabitants over 250 million years of history. This grant will ensure the museum continues to share this rich heritage with future generations.

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