Location: Weymouth

The attractive seaside resort of Weymouth lies on the south English coast, just south of Dorchester, in an area affectionately known as the Dorset Riviera. Weymouth’s picturesque bay is a three-mile arc of sandy beach, that is proudly listed as one of Britain.s elite Grade A beaches. Lined with elegant 18th century Georgian terrace houses, the safe and sheltered bay provides visitors with a wonderful place for swimming and other popular watersports. There’s also a 19th century fort, called Nothe Fort that dominates the harbour mouth and now houses a museum.

Weymouth was put firmly on the map as a great British holiday resort during the reign of King George III, when the king himself began to make annual trips to the area. His visits did wonders for tourism in the area, a fact celebrated with a commemorative statue of him on the Esplanade.

Today there is still plenty to attract visitors to the area, such as the annual events programme that includes a Kite Festival, firework displays and sailing regattas. While just south of Weymouth you’ll find Portland, an outlying piece of land just 4½ miles by 1¾ miles wide, attached to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Although just a tiny area, Portland is rapidly becoming an attraction in its own right, with both a castle and lighthouse to explore.

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