Lensomy Feast Lunch

Lensomy Feast Lunch


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Date: Mon, 4th December 2023 - Tue, 5th December 2023

Time: 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Location: Lensomy lifestyle, Swyre

Phone: 07703 789086

Email: lensomy3@gmail.com

Booking Required: Yes

Price: ££20

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Lensomy Feast Lunch


Do you follow your path with peace and grace?
Do you know where you are heading and have started your journey?
Do you wake up in the morning and hear the song of life and love?

It’s time to follow your heart connect to your inner power and true nature.

The sun is your guide
The earth your support
The winds your friends
The plants your healers
The universe your home

Joy I an addictive combination of energy generating the flow of Lensomy. An expression which illuminates all that it encounters.

Be of nature and connect to her cycles, season’s and influences.
It’s with great joy that I pen this email after much interest has been shown in learning how to eat with the season’s whilst honouring self since my arrival here in beautiful Dorset.I have been watching attentively those that have picked up on my own personal journey with Ayurveda and my own version of an organic lensomy lifestyle through following nature. Now 4 and a half stone lighter and fitter at 56 than in my 30s with good digestion and no anxiety, I am truly grateful.

Now in honouring the wisdom I AM through my experience I would like to invite you (plus guest) to my home (in Burton Bradstock) for lunch, supper or both ! We will eat,drink and digest together as we learn how we can become pure Lensomy through supporting our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Empowerment comes from a joyful place not a lethargic depleted state of mind, so knowledge and sensitivity to our inner nature whilst connecting to our environment brings us back to our home sweet home lensomy vibration.
We can then follow our bliss and charm in every aspect of our lives which manifests an abundant lifestyle. If this resonates with you please email lensomy3@gmail.com and let’s plan a positive experience .

Lensomy lunch £20 per person
Do not eat anything for 2 hours prior to arrival so you have a empty stomach. No cold water or long drinks 30 mins prior to arrival.
Bring a blanket, yoga mat (if you have) cushion for relaxation.

Only 6 places so 1st come 1st served!



Lensomy lifestyle (View more Events at this Location)
1 Berwick Cottages, Swyre, England, DT6 4NE United Kingdom

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